Christmas in July

CHRISTMAS IN JULY A Personalised Santa book is a great way to celebrate Christmas in July. As soon as a child hears the  magic word Santa they immediately think of a gift this is a very beautiful book with [...]


Personalised Baby Diary Book This Baby Diary is fully personalised with the babies birth details as date, time, weight, length, Hospital, Doctor’s name, parents names and many other notable milestones during baby’s first year. This beautifully illustrated, extra large [...]

Personalised Singing Teddy Bear

Personalised Singing Teddy Bear sings songs with your Name. Banjo is very cuddly and when you hug him he sings a beautiful song featuring your name throughout the song. There are 4 songs choices and you can hear them [...]

Personalised Soccer Book

PERSONALISED SOCCER BOOK Kids who play Soccer or Football all play in a team  and enjoy the competition, this book includes the child’s name, age and their team name as well as the winning and losing team. It also [...]

Personalised School Gear for Kids, Backpacks, Luncboxs and more

PERSONALISED KIDS SCHOOL ITEMS Kids misplace their goods at school and these backpacks, Drink Bottles, Lunchboxs, Overnight bags  are all identified as we have heat pressed their and made them easy to find.  

A Day at the Zoo Personalised Book

My Very Own story Personalised Book Every child loves a visit to the Zoo this story is about a day at the Zoo with 3 of his/her friends exploring all the different animals on show in their cage home, [...]

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