Personalised Turbo Kid Photo DVD

Personalised Turbo Kid Photo DVD Birthday Gift

Personalised Turbo Kid Photo DVD

Personalised Turbo Kid Photo DVD from the very beginning, there has always been a need to go faster, to break the next record, to push the speed envelope to its limit. Like they say, if you can’t keep up, then get out of the way! Super fast and super fun – are you the next Turbo Kid?

Fasten your 5 point seat belt and put the pedal to the metal on this high octane adventure as you race to be No. 1. When you’re Turbo Kid – Going this fast – it’s SPEED RACING!!

For the ultimate gift, upgrade to our Value Gift Pack which gives you not just the Turbo Kid DVD, but also the matching Movie Star in-character fantasy image showcasing your daredevil in their starring role.

Total run time: Approximately 30 minutes

You have the option of uploading 1 or 2 photos. We will choose the photo best suited for your DVD selection.

PHOTO TIPS: A clear, frontal face shot and bigger is better. No hats – no sunglasses. No obstructions such as hands on the face. This is the photo that we will be using for your DVD, so please make sure it is suitable and one of your favourites. If the photo/s you upload are not suitable, we will e-mail you for a replacement.


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