Peter Rabbit Name Poems- Framed or Unframed

Peter Rabbit Name Poems – Easter Gift for any child. A poem is made from the letters of a name, print on a beautiful print of the delightful Peter Rabbit, who is so loved by children. There are 7 [...]

Half Price Personalised Kid’s Books   COUPON CODE 8PYV34F8 FIRST TIME EVER BUY TWO – ONLY PAY FOR ONE -Each 2 books are for the same child Hercules & Garfield Football & Sports Star Hunchback & Barbie Hercules & [...]

Personalised Soccer Book

PERSONALISED SOCCER BOOK Kids who play Soccer or Football all play in a team  and enjoy the competition, this book includes the child’s name, age and their team name as well as the winning and losing team. It also [...]

A Day at the Zoo Personalised Book

A Day at the Zoo Personalised Book Every child loves a visit to the Zoo this story is about a day at the Zoo with 3 of his/her friends exploring all the different animals on show in their cage [...]

Personalised Kid’s Books make the perfect Birthday Gift.

Personalised Kid’s Books make the perfect Birthday Gift Don’t know what to take to the next Kid’s Birthday? A Personalised Book that is written for the child and includes 3 of his/her friends. A great way to get children [...]

School holidays hooray!!

School Holidays hooray! We wish all the kids a great time on your holidays with Mum and Dad and look forward to Easter Bunny to come with nice Easter Eggs. Don’t forget to check out our great personalised books [...]

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