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Peter Rabbit Name Poems- Framed or Unframed

Peter Rabbit Name Poems – Easter Gift for any child.

A poem is made from the letters of a name, print on a beautiful print of the delightful Peter Rabbit, who is so loved by children.

There are 7 different images to choose from featuring so many of the characters on the family of Peter Rabbit.

Your poem can be framed or unframed and will be posted via Australia Post.

Simply supply the child’s name and we will create the poem in time for delivery for Easter.


click here for more information.

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Half Price Personalised Kid’s Books




BUY TWO – ONLY PAY FOR ONE -Each 2 books are for the same child

Hercules & Garfield

Football & Sports Star

Hunchback & Barbie

Hercules & Xmen

Lion King & Winnie the Pooh

Pocahontas & Barbie

Superman & Ninja

Jesus & Baby Jesus

These titles maybe mixed to suit but your choice. Each 2 books are for the same child.

2 personalised children’s books for $20 at $10 each plus $6 postage and handling. Normally it costs $40 for 2, plus postage.

Please make sure you use coupon code 8PYV34F8 at checkout.

personalised book x-men

Check it at:

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Personalised Soccer Book


Kids who play Soccer or Football all play in a team  and enjoy the competition, this book includes the child’s name, age and their team name as well as the winning and losing team.

It also includes their favourite player.

A book for every person in the team is a great keepsake from those young days of playing their sport.

personalised story football star

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A Day at the Zoo Personalised Book

A Day at the Zoo Personalised Book

Every child loves a visit to the Zoo this story is about a day at the Zoo with 3 of his/her friends exploring all the different animals on show in their cage home, like Monkies, Lions, Tigers, Snakes and lots more even a ride on an Elephant would be a dream for any child.personalised book day at the zoo

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Personalised Kid’s Books make the perfect Birthday Gift.

Personalised Kid’s Books make the perfect Birthday Gift

Don’t know what to take to the next Kid’s Birthday?

A Personalised Book that is written for the child and includes 3 of his/her friends.

A great way to get children reading and a book that does not cost the earth.

Personalised Books are a true stand alone product that I have been printing for children for the past 19 years making children happy and saving Mums money.

The books are beautifully hardcover bound and delightful colour printed pages with great stories that children love.

These books become treasured keepsakes for the children as they include the in the story.

The ideal gift for any child having a birthday. So many titles to choose from.

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School holidays hooray!!

School Holidays hooray!

We wish all the kids a great time on your holidays with Mum and Dad and look forward to Easter Bunny to come with nice Easter Eggs. Don’t forget to check out our great personalised books where we have many titles to choose from for boys and girls. Check it out at