Half Price Personalised Kid’s Books   COUPON CODE 8PYV34F8 FIRST TIME EVER BUY TWO – ONLY PAY FOR ONE -Each 2 books are for the same child Hercules & Garfield Football & Sports Star Hunchback & Barbie Hercules & [...]

Personalised Soccer Book

PERSONALISED SOCCER BOOK Kids who play Soccer or Football all play in a team  and enjoy the competition, this book includes the child’s name, age and their team name as well as the winning and losing team. It also [...]

A Day at the Zoo Personalised Book

A Day at the Zoo Personalised Book Every child loves a visit to the Zoo this story is about a day at the Zoo with 3 of his/her friends exploring all the different animals on show in their cage [...]

Personalised Kid’s Books make the perfect Birthday Gift.

Personalised Kid’s Books make the perfect Birthday Gift Don’t know what to take to the next Kid’s Birthday? A Personalised Book that is written for the child and includes 3 of his/her friends. A great way to get children [...]

School holidays hooray!!

School Holidays hooray! We wish all the kids a great time on your holidays with Mum and Dad and look forward to Easter Bunny to come with nice Easter Eggs. Don’t forget to check out our great personalised books [...]

Personalised Baby Diary

Personalised Baby Diary Features all the birth details as weight, length, time, place, Doctor and all the important things that happen on that special day when the new baby arrives into our world. There are many pages to fill [...]

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