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Personalised bags your child’s school bag with their name on it. A special gift with benefits

A gift with benefits

Personalised bags make a smart gift.

Whether they are pre-schoolers or primary schoolers a great gift idea for your children or grand children is a personalised school bag. Their own name on their own school bag. I don’t suppose many of remember our first school bag but it is one of the things that make it an exciting event to start school. How upset could they be if a little panic sets in if someone has the same bag and they cant find their own bag and the yummy lunch mummy made for me. A school bag or back pack with the child,s name on is the ideal way to help them spot their bag among all the new classmates. Who knows if making friends is a little easier if they others can identify their name by seeing it on the bag or back pack.

Pencil cases, lunch boxes and drink bottles are other items that can easily go astray and I am sure teachers get tired of finding the owner of the lunch box left on the bench as the little one ran off to play. Personalise your children’s school items and save a teacher today!

Our range of personalised bags has colors and patterns to suit the most discerning kids taste. Whales, Ladybirds or just a pattern there is something that will suit the personality of each child. The bags a high quality and will withstand the dragging, dropping, scraping and throwing ( not that my children ever did that). There are boys colors and girls colors or mix and match colors.

One of our mums was telling us that her daughter had unusual spelling of her name (Sallee) and all the kids in the class spelled her name correctly in their birthday invites and notes. Nothing worse than having your name mispelled we say. So to avoid this take the mum’s advice and personalise your child’s bag.

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