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Yes you are in the story | personalised books

The joy a personalised book can bring.

One of the first things our children learn is their own name. The sound of it first and then the writing of it. It is possible that after Mum and dad the most popular word to write will be their own name. So can you imagine the thought of seeing their name in a Story Book. Not only their own name but supported by 2 or 3 selected friends or relatives names within the story.

We gets lots of mail letting us know the joy created from a Personalised Book. This was sent to us by one of our regular Mum’s

“My 2 girls 5 and 7 loved this product. It was great because they could both be in the story, plus have a friend each. They really enjoyed the personalisation so they felt they were part of the story. Especially my youngest as we have difficulty finding books that have her name in it.

They found it easy enough to navigate with my guidance. They are both becoming more interested in using the computer so this was a great treat for them.

It was educational and fun!”

Seeing your name spelled out in sunflowers, clouds and ladybirds, and on an ice-cream van (surely every toddler’s dream) as you go about an ordinary, but wonderful day, gives the youngest children a sense of words as a delightful mystery, but one that belongs to them – which can be unlocked by them, too.

Adults are not immune to this secret yen, after all – I wouldn’t turn down the chance to feature in a book by a favourite author. Especially as a villain.


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