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Personalised Childrens Books great gift ideas for children


Even the dog can get involved in a Personalised childrens book

How the children love to read a book about themselves where they are the star of the story. Reading these books their faces light up as they read their own adventure with their friends. Personalised childrens book makes a brilliant gift idea.

A wonderful gift for Grandma and Grandpa to give. You don’t need to wait for Xmas to read a story about Santa. The books also need the names of other family friends or the gift giver and all of these names are woven into the story itself. You can even include favorite pets. One of our customers wanted the name of their pet dog as the main character. Apparently it provided quite a few laughs thinking about a dog writing a book. Grandma or Grandpa can be characters too or maybe the best friend (of that week), perhaps best to leave that one out!

If there is a downside it can only be that the book is difficult to pass on the next child…unless you name them the same! Probably easier to buy another personalised childrens book I think!!

Whilst books are a great learning experience as we all know. There is an easy alternative for those times when you done have time to read. Book DVDs!!! Just start them and you can continue on with the dishes, work or laundry…Yuk! But at least you can get on with what you need to do and the little ones are entertained hopefully long enough to get the chores done. Perhaps some respite when you just need to sit down and have a rest.

Kids seem to learn how to operate DVD players and all sorts of equipment these days, just hand them a remote and away they go…how does that happen?

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