Recordable Teddies for your child

Recordable Teddies for your child

Recordable Teddies for your child

Look at these amazing recordable teddies  that record your message to your infants, simply press a button and the recording plays to them.

What a great comfort for any infant when its bed time, maybe if a child is in hospital  they have mums voice to hear.

Personalised gifts are a gift from the heart and show you care. Our range of personalised gifts caters for every special occasion and for those people you just want to show that you care. The selection of gifts caters to men, women, relatives, children and pets. Perhaps you want to treat yourself to a personalised gift to remember someone else or an event or your favourite team.

Children love having personalised books where the story contains their name and their friends name as part of the story. Mum and dad can be part of the story too.

We have personalised photo items framed and unframed to suit your budget. Your child could be a fairy. Imagine a piece of personalised jewellery to remember a special occasion or for that person you love.

Father’s day, Mother’s day, Xmas or a Birthday. The opportunities are endless to show you care with a personalised gift from an Australian owned Company based in Sydney.

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